Berkshires are the oldest recorded pedigree pig breed in Britain. As you can see in the photo below, they are relatively short-legged, with a dished face and medium-length snout. The hair on these pigs is black, with white 'socks', tail and diamond on the face.



Our 'Toynton' herd of Berkshire pigs produce the most mouth-watering pork you can buy. The pigs move around the farm as part of our traditional rotation system, clearing vegetable ground and adding fertiliser back onto the land.




The pigs stay outdoors for all of their lives, rooting around in the past season's vegetable plots. The only exception to this is for any of our sows farrowing during winter, when it's too cold for them to give birth outdoors. In this situation, we bring the sow in to one of our polytunnels in the farmyard; as well as being a nice snug place for the sow to build her nest (yes, pigs do build nests before they give birth!), it also enables us to keep an eye on the sow and her piglets during the first few days of their lives. When it's really cold outside, we can also provide a heat-lamp for the piglets in the polytunnel to give them extra comfort.



Our pork is available for sale as joints and chops, home-dry-cured bacon and gammon, and Lincolnshire sausages. It can be ordered as a whole or half pig, or however much you require.

Lincolnshire Sausages are one of our best-sellers; you'd be amazed at how many countries they have been sent to! Using only five ingredients (pork, bread, sage, salt and pepper), they are how "proper" Lincolnshire sausages should taste.