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All of the meat sold here at Field Farm is produced by ourselves, field to fork. On your drive down to the shop you can see for yourself what we have to offer; the chickens are in the field to the right of the lane (and generally a few escapees will be ambling around the yard), the sheep are in the field to the left with more up past the yard, the turkeys are in the field in front of the shop during autumn and winter, and the vegetables are grown just up past the farmyard.

We also produce a range of our own seasonal vegetables, as well as some which we source from an organic company.

Supporting other local producers, you can buy Pipers Crisps and Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and Butter here at Field Farm, too.


Our Products

Availability varies throughout the year, but most weeks we have fresh lamb, pork, chickens, eggs and vegetables available. If you’d like to check what we have in stock before you visit then please feel free to call us on 01507 523934 and we can advise. In a hurry? Let us know what you’d like and we can have your meat and/vegetable box ready to collect.


Available all year round, our lamb is bred and reared here at Field Farm before being brought to the nearest small family-run abattoir to us, to ensure minimal transport and stress when the time comes. Lamb is available to purchase as a whole or half carcass (butchered to your individual requirements), or as individual joints and chops. We also make our own lamb and mint burgers which are delicious on the BBQ. Our speciality Herdwick lamb has limited availability, so contact us if you’d like to reserve some.


From our herd of Berkshire pigs we produce the most mouth-watering pork you can buy, with always-perfect crackling. As with our lamb, the pork is available to purchase as a whole or half carcass (butchered to your individual requirements), or as individual joints and chops. Here at Field Farm we also dry-cure our own bacon, in addition to making pork and apple burgers. The shoulders and belly are used to make our Lincolnshire sausages, which quickly became one of our best-sellers; you’d be amazed at how many countries they have been sent to! Using only five ingredients (pork, bread, sage, salt and pepper) they are how “proper” Lincolnshire sausages should taste. At Christmas we also use smaller skins to make Lincolnshire chipolatas, which taste exactly the same but are a more traditional offering to accompany the turkey.



From the day the chicks arrive at Field Farm they don’t leave again until they’re prepared and ready-to-cook. All poultry is butchered and hand-plucked on-site by Richard each week. They are hung in our cold store before being dressed out and they’re available to buy as whole chickens from Thursday to Saturday each week.


We’ve reared and sold our own Bronze turkeys for Christmas a number of years now, and we are usually sold out by mid-December. As with the chickens, all turkeys are butchered and hand-plucked on-site, before being hung in the cold store for a week to mature. You don’t get lower food miles than that! We open up the order book in late summer/early autumn for Christmas orders, so if you’d like to order a Bronze turkey then it’s best to get your name down as early as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that these are pure meat and don’t shrink down like a supermarket bird would. The first year we sold turkeys a number of customers came to us for 20lb+ birds to feed 4-6 people; safe to say they were eating turkey for quite some time, and the following year they only required 12-14lb turkeys! If you’re not sure on what size you require then just ask and we can advise. Please do note, however, that because we rear all of our own birds we can’t grow them to exact sizes. We do try to keep check on their growth rates but we certainly won’t pump them with feed if they’re a little too small or starve them if they’re on the bigger side, so weights are all approximate.


Eggs are available to buy by the half dozen or tray. We don’t grade our eggs so they’re all mixed sizes. However if we have young hens (pullets) we sell the pullet eggs separately as they will be smaller.


We offer a range of vegetables, some of which are grown at Field Farm and others which are purchased from an organic vegetable company. As our vegetables are all seasonal, they do vary week-by-week, and the size and shape won’t always be as perfect as you’d buy in a supermarket. We guarantee it’s all delicious though!

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