July isn’t quite over yet, but it’s definitely been a busy month here at Field Farm. The shop has been very busy and we’re working hard to keep everything as well stocked as we can.

In the fields it’s great to see our new season potatoes are ready; we harvest these fresh each morning at this time of year as they don’t keep well until the skins have set. At least that means you’ll be buying as fresh as possible!

With the livestock, it’s weaning time for the ewes and lambs. By July the lambs are no longer feeding off the ewes, so we wean them all now to give the ewes a break and a chance to recover from feeding their offspring since February. It’s also a great opportunity to bring all the ewes and lambs up through the handling pen to check through everyone to make sure they’re all fit and healthy, and we can trim any feet that require it.

We’re also finally allowed to mention hay to Richard! He’s been checking dozens of weather forecasts daily (not that he’s weather-obsessed…) to pick the perfect time to make hay whilst the sun shines. The hay was cut early last week, turned last weekend, and baled yesterday. This will provide feed for the sheep when they move indoors at Christmas before lambing.