It’s been a while since we’ve posted, apologies for that! We’ve had a busy few months making hay, topping grass, cleaning out the polytunnels, welcoming the arrival of our turkeys and sorting sheep ready for tupping (mating). Having recently launched our ‘meat boxes’, I thought we’d best let you know more about them!

We have five boxes to choose from at the moment:

£20 lamb box , containing half a shoulder joint, 500g lamb mince & 4 cutlets

£50 lamb box, containing half a leg joint (shank), half a shoulder joint, 500g lamb mince, 8 cutlets and 4 steaks (as pictured above)

£20 pork box, containing 1kg rolled shoulder, 4 chops or steaks and 12 Lincolnshire sausages

£50 pork box, containing 2 x 1.5kg rolled shoulder joints, 8 chops or steaks, spare ribs, 12 Lincolnshire sausages and 12 Lincolnshire chipolatas

£20 BBQ box, containing 4 pork & apple burgers, 4 lamb & mint burgers, 12 Lincolnshire sausages and spare ribs

If you’d like to see photos of these boxes then head over to our Facebook page (click the link at the top of this page). Meat boxes are offered subject to availability; we do have fresh meat available every week, but we appreciate boxes being ordered in advance where possible.

*All weights are approximate